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Project Portfolio 

Project Design Statement 

Technical Design Study 

The Salon of Crossed Destinies: Porosity and Natural History 

The project is a gallery located in Hyde Park, at Albertopolis northernmost  point. This is my interpretation of a contemporary Salon, an ode to knowledge and preservation in form of experience, a ´sweet disorder and carefully careless’ side sight to Victorian history. 

Four locations in Albertopolis take part ,two different constructions are proposed in Hyde Park, the main building located facing the north facade of Albert Memorial, is composed of four bespoke interconnecting viewing galleries, this multifunctional spaces give visitors the chance to learn and see history through another perspective, considering concepts such as porosity and natural history.
Each gallery offers an activity, debating, reading, acting, the skeleton connecting and giving access to them works as a gallery for the Royal College of Art students just across the road also reveals the other site construction. An installation of golden columns manifests in the park with the same intentions, the other two locations in the Natural History museum should be visited.

long esection 2.jpg


Italo Calvino, The Castle of crossed Destinies 

Schuiten-Peters, Les Cites Obscures, Walls of Samaris 

Schuiten-Peters, Les Cites Obscures, Fever of Urbicande

Robert Maxwell, Sweet Disorder and the Carefully Careless

Rem Koolhas, Delirious New York, Conney Island 

Michael Gold, People in Architecture

Constance Lau, Dialogical design

Walter Benjamin, Naples

Darran Andersen, Imaginary cities.

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