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My journey has been defined by a deep fascination with the intersection of culture and technology, resulting in the creation of innovative systems that breathe life into architectural expressions. I am passionate about applying my spatial vision to pressing political debates, from the delicate balance between preservation and progress to the evolving landscape of digitalization versus wilderness. My goal is to connect emerging technologies, such as blockchain, with imaginative scenarios that preserve and propel culture into the future.

I embarked on my architectural education in London six years ago, commencing my studies at the University of Westminster. In 2023, I proudly graduated with an MA in Architecture from The Royal College of Art, where I honed my craft in designing digital environments and delved into the intricate realm of spatial injustice research.

As a Galician, I have passionately dedicated my recent projects to shedding light on human rights violations, employing architectural representations to expose critical issues. These endeavors encompass the Paper Factory of ENCE in the Ria of Pontevedra, with its historical ties to Franco's regime, the impact of Eucalyptization on the landscape, the construction of dams post-dictatorship, and the perpetuation of colonial dynamics.

In recent years, my passion has gravitated towards the realm of technology and digital environments, particularly exploring how blockchain technology can address real-world challenges. I'm on a mission to explore how these domains intersect with and provide solutions, ranging from ecological crises to internal colonization.

Let's connect and explore the limitless possibilities at the intersection of architecture, technology, and social justice. 

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